Genesis Rubber Services

It isn’t always ideal using an existing, off-the-shelf rubber product and retrofitting it to your application. This often leads to rubber parts that once installed, fail in the field. These types of scenarios can leave you with a nightmare of replacements and cost overruns. Allow us to guide you from product concept to realization. Genesis Rubber can build a solution for you that will meet your sealing and specification needs. Smart design, innovative ideas and a sealing expertise that delivers a product tailored to your application.

At Genesis Rubber, Solutions begin here™! Besides being able to offer products supplied to your print, Genesis offers several complimentary services that can take the headaches out of rubber procurement and design. Services offered include: custom seal design, reverse engineering, rapid rubber prototyping, kitting and special packaging. No matter what your requirements may be, Genesis Rubber can provide services and rubber products that bring added value along with innovative ideas.


With our knowledge of rubber materials and specifications we can be your guide towards an optimized final product.


Our specialists design and innovate products with the goal of not only getting a product to market but one that defines it.


Our products are fabricated to your specific requirements, resulting in a quality part with the lowest total cost of ownership.


Rubber products supplied on time, inventory management kanban etc…

Industries Served

With each industry comes a similarity in application requirements. That’s not to say that all applications are the same, but there are product tendencies that we see from one industry to another. As an example, the food and beverage industry are often faced with the need for FDA approved formulations for food contact while the medical equipment industry requires products that conform to USP class VI. Whatever your industry may be, allow Genesis’ knowledge of rubber to be your guide through the product procurement and development phase.
ASTM E662,  ASTM C542, SMP 800-C
Molded, extruded and fabricated seals and gaskets from compounds that comply with specifications for Low smoke as per ASTM E662, Low flame as per ASTM C542 and Low toxic gas as per Bombardier’s SMP 800-C. As well as, extruded dual durometer (sponge to solid) profiles, locking channels, edge trims and an overall vast array of seals and gaskets can be supplied depending on your particular requirements.
NSF and FDA Compliant Rubber Seal.
In the food and beverage industry, the most common used material is silicone as it is easily formulated to be NSF (National Sanitation Foundation) and FDA (Food and Drug Administration) Compliant.
UL94 V0, V1 & V2
Typical energy and utilities compound call outs are UL94 V0, V1 & V2. As well, with solar panels as an example, a crucial stage is the post curing of rubber products to allow for low outgassing, which eliminates unwanted film deposits.
EMI RFI shielding
Genesis can provide compounds that can be formulated for EMI/RFI shielding (Electromagnetic interference or radio frequency interference), as well as UL94, the flammability standard recommended by Underwriter Laboratories. We can supply to the three different grades of UL94 (V0, V1 & V2) depending on the specific needs of your product.
USP Class VI Compliant
Silicone is the “go to” material of the medical industry. Silicone can be formulated with antimicrobial properties and can be supplied to be USP Class VI compliant where parts are produced in clean room environments.
UL94 V0, V1 & V2 Compliant
Genesis can supply rubber products that best suit your indoor and outdoor lighting designs including a material formulation that complies with UL94 V0, V1 & V2.